We are not a denomination. We are children of God that practice the Word of God independently of any other denominational dictates, restraints or demands. Gospel Warriors Ministries Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.
We believe the Bible to be the inspired Word of God, and it alone is profitable for doctrine, reproof, correction and instruction in righteousness. Furthermore, the Word of God is our contact with God and His contact with us.
We believe the Word of God imparts unto us Eternal Life, recreates us, renews our minds, dwells in us, produces spiritual fruit within us, builds us up, establishes us in righteousness, and heals us.
We believe that growth in the Word results from acting upon the Word of God and cannot be experienced by any other means.
We believe the evidence of a Spirit filled life to be the Fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5: 22-23). Fruit production requires a relationship with God, a purposeful pursuit of the Word of God, and active utilization of the Word in one's life.
We believe that God forgives a sinner that genuinely repents. His sins are cast away never to be remembered again. This is made possible by the redemptive work of Jesus Christ. Man's righteousness is not based on anything that he does, but solely on the redemptive work of Jesus Christ.
We believe that a person is saved by confessing with his mouth the Lord Jesus and believing in his heart that God raised Him from the dead (Romans 10:9). If a man asks God for the Holy Spirit, God will give it to him (Luke 11:13). This is based on faith in the Word of God and not sense manifestations.
We believe the Word must be rightly divided, and that no one scripture is a basis for the establishment of a doctrine without its proper association with the entire Word of God. The Word is balanced thereby leading to a balanced life.
The nature of the Word is to give life, therefore it is impossible to use it to destroy, produce guilt, fear or unbelief.
We believe in divine healing and divine health. We believe in miracles, however miracles are not a test for spirituality. Neither should ones spirituality be measured on the basis of miracles or any outward show of faith or power. In the absence of miracles, the Word olf God is instant in season.
We believe in demons. Jesus Christ has conquered demons for us. We, through the power of the Holy Spirit, the Word of God and the Name of Jesus have authority over demons and all the works of darkness including sin, sickness, poverty and disease.
We believe that Salvation means deliverance in every area of our life. Jesus did not redeem us from sin only, but from every place that spiritual death (Satan's nature) touched. We believed where sin abounded, grace much more abounded (Romans 5:20). Whom the Son sets free is free indeed (John 8:36).