GSP HookUp

Youth with a Purpose

We may be young, but we are not foolish.  We are committed to live our lives according to God's Simple Plan.

It is not easy to be different in this day and age.  But making right choices gives us courage, determination and purpose.  With the support and encouragement of fellow peers, we are learning that living for Jesus is a bold way to live.

Making the "HookUp" can change your life too.  Start your own GSP HookUp, and find out how you can make a difference.

To join the GSP HookUp, simply read the principles below and sign up.  Send us your name and address and we will send you a free welcome and ink pen.  Then invite all your friends to join you.  You can also tell your church about it or make it a special focus of your youth-group.  Make it your mission to HookUp as many youth as possible.  Hooking up to the GSP is a powerful way to live for Jesus.
Because God Loved Me, I Have A Blood Bought Right To Make The "HookUp"
GSP HookUp - A Youthgroup With A Purpose
GSP "HookUp" is an outreach of Gospel Warriors Ministries Inc.
God loves you very much. You are worth more to Him than anything. Your life was so precious to Jesus Christ that He died to pay the price for your sins. Now He wants to use your life to make a difference in your home, your school, your community, and your world. That is why you must rise above the norm, live beyond the standard, dare to change your world by "Living the Truth."
It is your time to "Make the HookUp."
The World Needs Changing
The world we live in is all mixed up. It is so mixed up until it's messed up. It is easy to be confused, especially when you are at an age where you are trying to find yourself.
In the world today, wrong seems right, and right seems wrong. I am sure you know youth that lie, cheat, curse, and do many other wrong things. However, it is no big deal because "Everybody's Doing It."
Everybody's Not Doing It
Just because everybody's doing it doesn't make it right, and it doesn't mean it's O.K. to do it. If everybody jumps off a cliff, that's no reason for you to jump too! Al though many youth do wrong things, it is the one who chooses not to do those things that stand out and makes a difference. Wrong is wrong, no matter how many are doing it.
If you choose to commit to take a stand against wrong, you may feel grossly outnumbered. Nevertheless, be encouraged, you are not alone.
There are many different views, opinions, ideas, and alternative lifestyles in operation today. They are all trying to convince you that their way is best. It can be confusing to know exactly what to do. The world says one thing, and God's Word says something else. How do you know what to do?
According to television, magazines, advertising and popular culture, it is alright to:
  1. Dress provocatively to arouse interest from the opposite sex.
  2. Engage in pre-marital sex as long as you use "protection."
  3. If you should slip up and get pregnant, simply "abort" the mistake.
  4. Drink, just don't drink and drive.
  5. Tell a lie, but only if you "need to."
  6. Do whatever feels good and right to you, just as long as you do not hurt anyone.
So What Is True?
All of these things go against what the Bible teaches. Just because everybody's doing it, even grown-up's, successful popular actors and singing stars, it is still wrong because the Bible says it's wrong.
What Does It All Mean?
Jesus wants to be more than number one in your life. He wants to be your life. Number one is not good enough because that can be replaced by something else.
Jesus doesn't just want to live in your heart, He wants to possess your whole mind and thoughts, your entire being. He wants to impact your life in such a way that what hurts Him hurts you, what brings tears to His eyes, brings tears to your eyes, and what makes Him happy, makes you happy.
This is more than being a go to church on Sunday Christian and nothing else. This is very deep and intense, a godly mindset and moral character, a holy focus. It's about "Lordship."
The Call Of The GSP
Jesus Christ longs for you to be more than a casual Christian, and to live above and beyond the standard predictable Christian life. There are already too many "weak kneed wishy-washy" church folks cluttering up the parking lot. Jesus wants a deeper commitment from you. He wants to be your "LORD." He wants you to use His Word (GSP) to establish what is true in your life. What is true determines your values and how you live from day to day.
This affects every area of your of your life, the big things and little things, at home and at school, your friends, who you date, your future, your dreams, your fears, your entertainment, …, …, everything.
That is what Lordship is all about. Jesus loves you more than you can ever imagine or comprehend. He did not just come to save you, but to make you more like Him, and to transform your life into one that will bring Him glory.
This is the highest calling in life. Can you imagine that, Jesus wants to take you straight to the top. This is exciting, but it's also very serious business. This will affect everything in your life; how you dress; the jokes you listen to; what you watch on the television, etc. It does not mean you will not make a mistake - that is what grace is all about. But it does mean you always focus on Jesus, and allow His Holy Spirit to guide your heart and desires.
GSP - Not Always Easy
Although GSP stands for "God's Simple Plan", hooking up to Truth is not always easy and simple to do.
God is looking for anyone who is willing to listen to His voice and go where He leads. You don't have to be good enough, smart enough, rich enough, or popular enough. You simply have to be "willing."
Are You Willing To Pay The Price?
Hooking up the GSP can be really tough. It requires commitment and sacrifice. In fact, if you make Jesus the Lord of your life, then hooking up to the GSP (or doing what the Word says) is required. It is something that you do in obedience to Him.
Do It
Will you make a commitment, a no turning back pledge that will affect the rest of your life? Will you allow the GSP to use you to make a difference in the world around you?
Not Because It's "Cool"
The GSP is not popular and it does not always make sense. We don't join the GSP because everybody else is doing it; not everybody's doing it. We don't hookup because it's cool, it is not. At times, it could be lonely and frustrating. It costs.
We make the HookUp for Jesus because He made the HookUp for us.
Commitment is the key. You cannot make a difference unless you're totally sold out for Jesus.
You Can Make A Difference
If you understand what it means to be involved with the GSP Youthgroup and you understand the importance of making the HookUp, and if you have made Jesus Christ the Lord of your life, then acknowledge the same by signing below.
(Edmund and Lindia Brown are grateful to God for the GSP HookUp vision, and for all the youth that we are privileged to minister to. There are few times in life where an individual can truly say he heard God speak verbally. We did not hear a verbal word from God saying, "Reach out to the youth, I'm going to use them." Yet through God's Eternal Spirit, that very thing was born in our hearts. Since that time, like a soft cool wind, the strong desire to be a bridge for the youth, to be their refuge, to help them express their hopes and dreams, to stand in the gap, to help them give a voice to their fears, is ever present with us. GSP HookUp is for the youth; So that they can know and experience the difference they can make when they are committed to truth, and to each other.)
Reference: The principles for the GSP were taken from the book entitled "Rock Your World" by Susan Shellenberg, Focus on the Family, Editor of Brio Magazine.
If you are ready to make the HookUp, fill out the form below and send it to us: