Naomi Brown

Teacher, Author, Ministry of Helps

October 17. 1934 - March 29, 1917

We sadly announce that Mother Naomi Brown went to be with the Lord on March 29, 2017. Mother Brown worked tirelessly in ministering to the needy. She supplied food, clothing and supplies to the needy and elderly. Although she was a retired nurse, she continued to care for the sick and elderly. Mother Brown was a powerful bible teacher as well as a writer. She turned her closet into a food pantry that provided food to the elderly on fixed incomes who faced the choice of buying either medication or food. In some cases this proved to be a potentially life saving work.

Mother Brown was a wise and seasoned biblical teacher. Her many years of experience prepared her to provide counsel and encouragement to all who knew and respected her. She was known for her huge heart of generosity, even giving away automobiles, furniture and money.

Mother Brown ministered to the needy until she literally could not take another step. We loved her so much and miss her dearly. Her legacy lives on through the impact she had on all of our lives and the outreach of Gospel Warriors Ministries.